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We'll book you 20+ B2B calls in 30 days

with personalised video outreach

Emails containing videos get up to twice as many responses.

We use email sequencing with embedded videos to deliver a consistent supply of warm B2B leads directly to your inbox. Leads that are already engaged and want to continue the conversation and get to know how your offering would benefit their business. 

Prospects Website

Your Video

We send your personalised messages... at scale

Wall of videos

Once recorded we have the capability of delivering  your video  message to thousands of prospects. Each of them believing that this message was recorded specifically for them.

What our clients say


What you get


Reach more leads


Start more conversations


Close more deals

Emails with embedded video have twice the open rate of text only email campaigns.

They are also twice as likely to receive a reply.

Turn these warm leads into clients.

The power of video

From cost/lead

Why emails with embedded video are even better


Email still out performs digital marketing

No matter what type of marketing you’re doing, the bottom line usually comes down to generating the most number of qualified leads for the lowest cost. In comparison to other forms of marketing such as Pay per Click and social selling, email marketing has a much better ROI.
Compared to Facebook and Google ads, emails generate a 20x better return with on average £44 being returned for every £1 spent.

It also happens to be a process that can be scaled easily and delivers predictable results month after month.


of professionals say that email is their preferred method of communication. 


of work time is spent doing emails


of prospects prefer to talk to sales reps via email 

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