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Email prospecting- inhouse v Lead data

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Simple but not easy

The simpler the thing is to understand, often the more difficult it is to do. Effective email prospecting requires a variety of skills from disparate disciplines. As well as knowledge and technique it also requires process and dedication. It's a fulltime job- in fact its several fulltime jobs.

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The skillset

Campaign management- making sure everything is on track to deliver a successful prospecting campaign that delivers warm leads.

Compliance- GDPR, PECR & DPA. Although compliance can make tax accountancy seem exciting, it is an essential part of any email campaign.

Domain set-up and email delivery- warming up the domain and managing DKIM, DMARC and SPF to increase sender reputation keeps emails landing in the the inbox rather than a junk folder.

List building and email validation- we use 4 software packages to build prospect lists and accurately source up to 85% of their work email addresses. We manually review every email and verify to reduce bounce. 

Copywriting- writing concise and engaging emails is not as easy as it looks. Luckily we are experts. But we don't stop there, We A-B test to refine and optimise the content.

Data analysing and reporting- we monitor and obsess.


Your sale team could do it but...

Rather than spend their time prospecting wouldn't it be better if they spent their time closing deals? Do they have all the skills necessary and the discipline to maximise a prospecting campaign without getting distracted? Let your sales team sell more by getting qualified leads straight to their inboxes.

You could employ a specialist but...

Could you find someone with all of the skills required? Even if you could, it would cost considerably more that we charge. And then there's the cost of all the software.

It's what we do

We will get a better delivery rate, open rate and reply rate. How much revenue would you miss by doing it inhouse rather that with us?

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